About us

Recruitment is our business

What we do:

As a Recruitment Agency we identify, we select and we recruit the best-talented candidates by witch companies can grow. People make a difference and the company’s success can be guarantee only by the quality of the people within the company.

Recrute.ro - Recruitment Agency Romania is intended to be a good intermediary between employers and quality job seekers. We will help you to get the best human resources for your business!


Our goal is to be a link between employer and candidate, a mission that facilitates the intermediation of information, requests from employers to candidates, at the same time we manage to implement new systems with the help of our partners around the world. These novelties are meant to facilitate, to make more efficient the effort made by us as well as to ensure comfort for the client.


  • Respect and fairness - only with you can we stay on the market, so their observance is essential
  • Integrity and honesty - we demonstrate our commitments and keep our promises
  • Focus on customer needs - we always set the highest standards for customer satisfaction
  • Competence and professionalism